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Pluggable web

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Aug 10, 2008 at 4:23 PM
Today I've started to code on a example project demonstrating most of the features in the web server.
It will be added as a separate project here at CodePlex when it's done.

It's a small website framework built on top of WebServer, where modules can be loaded into the website (simply drop the dlls in the same folder as the webserver and restart it).
Each module manages it's own resources (as files, controllers, database connection etc).

A module can access another modules business logic by sending commands (using the Command pattern implementation in the fadd project (which haven't been published yet).

For instance:
  GetUserCmd cmd = new GetUserCmd(userId);
  if (cmd.User != null)
    Render("Welcome: " + cmd.user.FirstName);

In this way, all the lower tier logic (as database access) is totally hidden from everything but the own module.

The example version will contain an user and a forum module.