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The helpers are used to perform common tasks in either HTML or JavaScript.

The JS implementation is abstract which means that it can support multiple javascript frameworks. Support have currently only been made for PrototypeJS.


Webhelper let's you do common actions that doesnt fit into JSHelper or FormHelper. It can be to create links that are using Ajax or to Generate a UL-tag list.


Formhelper can for instance be used to create forms that work both as regular forms or ajax.
<%= FormHelper.Start("formName", "/user/create/", Request.IsAjax); %>
// form inputs
<%= FormHelper.End() %>

That will create a ajax form if the request is made by ajax, or a regular form if not.

Select helper method
 // Class that is going to be used in a SELECT-tag.
 public class User
     private readonly string _realName;
     private readonly int _id;
     public User(int id, string realName)
         _id = id;
         _realName = realName;
     public string RealName
         get { return _realName; }
     public int Id
         get { return _id; }
 // Generate a SELECT-tag with all users.
 public void GenerateSelectList()
     List<User> items = new List<User>();
     items.Add(new User(1, "adam"));
     items.Add(new User(2, "bertial"));
     items.Add(new User(3, "david"));
     string htmlSelect = FormHelper.Select("users", items, UserOptions, 1, true);
 // delegate returning id and title
 public static void UserOptions(object o, out object id, out object title)
     User user = (User)o;
     id = user.Id;
     value = user.RealName;


Lets you perform common javascript tags (without having to use javascript framework dependent code)

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