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Using Authentication on v2 + Server.Stop

Jul 23, 2010 at 5:32 PM

Hi -

I've upgraded to v2 after using v1.1 and am very confused on a couple of issues..

1.  How do I implement basic (or any) authentication on the httpserver. I want to be able to do exact same thing I could do on v1.1 with the server (adding appropriate class to authenticationModules). Do you have any code sample at all for this?

2. What is the appropriate way to implement the v1.1 httpserver.stop method (as I want to run it inside a host app - so just exiting the main sub is not appropriate).  I am able at the moment to add a httplistener to the httpserver - and then call the stop method of the listener - but not clear if thats 100% way to do this (on the old v1.1 implementation it also was calling a stop method on a queue listener?)

thanks in advance